Treat Your Business Like Your Garden

Most of us want and are working toward building bigger and better empires. But, let me ask you something. Are you a good business person or a busy good person? I’m not asking if you’re pulling in the money. Busy good people can do that. I’m asking if you can relax while you do what you do because you’ve figured out how to do it strategically. Today Liz Strauss Successful Blog and I were talking. She asked me about my strategy and I must admit it’s close to non-existent. My planning is sketchy, at best. Focus? I know how to spell the word. I’m living up to my talents, but not to my potential. Liz likened the success of any business to the success of any garden; they need planning, attention and care. Well, she said it a little differently, but that was the gist. Today, I started planning my business garden with a simple first step: planning. Before I sleep tonight, I’ll have a good idea of what each post will be for the rest of the week. Along the same lines, I was reading something Steve Pavlina,Steve Pavlina.com had written and found this very helpful list on his homepage. I stole it to share with you.
* Time Management: Master your time usage and become extremely productive * Motivation: Cultivate burning desire to keep you moving towards your goals * Overcoming Procrastination: Defeat the thief of time * Goals: Set realistic goals, create action plans, and achieve the results you want * Courage: Summon the inner strength to take action in spite of fear * Work/Career: Build a career you're truly passionate about * Wealth/Money: Achieve financial abundance without compromising your integrity * Momentum: Develop the ongoing habit of success that keeps your energy and enthusiasm high * Problem Solving: Confront and solve the hard problems of life, from business to relationships * Balance: Enjoy the feeling of inner peace by balancing all areas of your life * Fulfillment: Experience pervasive lifelong fulfillment by living consciously according to your deepest values and beliefs * Consciousness: Raise your awareness and live more consciously than ever before

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