Are We Elder Or Older? Are We Loved For What We Are?

These are the words and the art of my friend, katyzzz at over at Ms Paint Art' Katyzzz has a total appreciation for computer art and, wow, you must give yourself the gift of seeing her work. She also has an appreciation of words. These are hers.
Do you have relatives, friends who are elderly. Studies have shown that those older people who have access to computers suffer less depression than older people who do not? What do you think is the best way for them to be able to access computers. Do you talk to older people? Do you have access to them through some organization such as Church or community activity groups. Do you think their use of computers could enhance their lives? Do you think that learning about and using computers could enable them to exercise their brains and encourage the growth of neural connections to help postpone dementia and other degenerative brain diseases?. Do you think they could be assisted to maintain their memories? How do you think this could be done? Do you have any ideas or opinions about these things? Given that one day, if you are fortunate, you will be elderly too, wouldn't you like to be given and practice techniques to help you maintain your memory longer and defer the ageing effects of degenerative diseases. How long do you expect to live?
My answer follows in a few minutes. Will you give your replies?

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