Blogging is a Brave New World

There was a time when old men, punk kids and middle-aged housewives had nothing in common. Things have changed. Through the art of blogging, we have, for probably the first time in history, dropped the barriers. It’s a good thing. Case in point are two absolutely unrelated blogs, probably neither in contact with each other today. Stripped down, however, each said the same thing. Each blogger spoke to the positive nature of our community. Disclaimer: I have no idea if either (or both) is an old man, a punk kid or a middle-aged housewife. Mike Sansome, ConverStations: “As this thought relates to businesses who blog (rather than blogs as a business), we're searching for a weighted measuring stick. Something we can use as a barometer that might address strengths and weaknesses in our blogging practice.” TechZ, TechzOnline: “I’ve noticed this everywhere. Blogging creates Positive energy or better yet, it charges bloggers. It charges them to make changes in their way of thinking, their behavior, and more often than not for the better.” Mike: “I've been thinking a lot lately about how we can measure blog efforts for our customers.” TechZ: “Collaboration between people and companies, entrepreneurs finding a new medium, it’s a driving force in a crowded industry, and it’s done well for itself.” Mike: “If there's a tool or conversation about this, let me know. If not, let's start one.” TechZ: “I posted this because I saw how much of a positive tone there was to blogs, and felt I had to say something. Feel free to add your own views.”


Mike Sansone said...

Great connection, Carolyn.

"Stripped down, however..."

Isn't that something? In time, truth will bubble up. As we blog, we see mood swings, positive and negative energy, rants and raves...

But over time, the truth bubbles up - and outside of whatever mask or costume one may wear offline.

In some ways, with blogging we get to the core of a person...stripped down...and realize the beauty of the individual (whether we agree all the time or not).

A Brave New World indeed. Glad we're part of it, and fortunate to have intersected.

Carolyn Manning said...

That's it Mike! Blogging let's each of us show our beauty and appreciate our differences.


TechZ said...


I love how you say:

"There was a time when old men, punk kids and middle-aged housewives had nothing in common. Things have changed"

Its just so true! Blogs have changed our social interaction so much, its amazing.

Carolyn Manning said...


I've no doubt that blogs are causing humanity to experience an emotional growth spurt.


Jessica Doyle said...

Carolyn - that emotional growth spurt hurts sometimes but man once you are there it is very cool. Then another question gets asks tus beginning the growth cycle again.

Nice post and nice to meet you. And nice to read your comments Mike and TechZ

Carolyn Manning said...

Hi Jessica,

Nice to meet you, as well. That growth spurt might be uncomfortable, but it sure beats standing still.

I'll be over to your place in a little while.