Two Sides of Thankfulness

As bumpy as the field might often be, it’s still level. Well, at least that’s what I took from two posts I read today. One talked about good service, the other was about some of the not-so-good service we get. One reached out to thank, the other to help. In the end, they said the same. At Brains on Fire, Robbin Phillips titled a post Rude People. Robbin started the post referring to rude people and then surprised me by switching to the nice things people in the service businesses do for each other and their customers and the karma they create for themselves.
“I believe that kindness in business is one of the keys to creating advocates.”
Robbin’s right. The customer is always a person. In a three-sixty (yes, I meant that), Joe from Working at Home on the Internet wrote in The Value of Old Posts that he has a beef with the telco’s. He thinks they give lousy installation instructions. This, too, is often true, particularly for the technically challenged. But Joe didn’t rant and rave about it, put it out there and forget about it. He helped a reader install a router and provided a link for anyone to download the files for the drivers.
“I have no doubt that the people who sell the services have no idea what it takes to install the damn thing.”
See what I mean? One blog a thanking hand, one a helping hand. Fantastic wash.

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