They Don't Know Us Until They Meet Us

The day TechZ posted Blogging Misconceptions at TechZ Online was the day I found Bloggertalks. Threads are all over the place here. The new blog run by Thord Daniel Hedengren and Tony Hung, Bloggertalks is dedicated to interviewing
“bloggers who matter, what they do and their experiences. We’re acting as the middle man here, talking to them and doing interviews, so that you - the dear reader - can learn. Twice a week”
TechZ listed some ideas non-bloggers have about us.
“It popped into my head all of a sudden, what misconceptions are out there about Bloggers & Blogging? . . . Let’s start with what the obvious misconceptions could be:
  • Bloggers only blog for financial gain
  • Bloggers get stale
  • Blogging is an exact science
  • Making a living out of blogging is easy
  • Blogging is easy”
These ideas and others float around us and it’s ok. The art of blogging is still relatively new to us and it’s bound to bring confusion. We’ll help the non-bloggers work out their feelings toward us as smoothly as we post each day and communicate with each other. With their twice-weekly interviews, Thord, Tony and Bloggertalks are doing their part to let those who don't know us get to meet us.
“Our goal is to tell the stories of all the successful bloggers out there, and the companies and services that revolve around them. Not all of them make a lot of money, but sometimes you can get rich in other ways and we’re acknowledging that.”

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